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All I Love So Dearly


This beautiful lined journal is perfect for so many purposes.

For a mother writing to her teenage or young adult children as they transition from childhood to adulthood. Words of wisdom and advice, memories from past and present, things that are harder to say in person and easier to write down.

Perhaps a grandparent writing to their grandchild – stories of their time together and memories of times gone by so they’re cherished and not forgotten.  There are even blank pages at the back of the journal for little artworks over the years.  All treasured and all kept safely in one place.

After a bereavement or loss, it can be therapeutic to write your heart out when the time is right.  Space to write and blank pages at the end of the journal for photos or meaningful quotes.  Memories deserve to be held tight in something both beautiful and meaningful – all the things you love so dearly can be kept safe in this journal.

For the person going through a separation or divorce.  Remembering what you love so dearly can be difficult during stressful times.  But journaling is a healer. It helps.  It soothes.  It inspires.  It helps you remember what brings you joy as you heal.  Trust me.

There are a million and one beautiful reasons to write and we hope that this journal will inspire you as you embark upon the journey of writing about all the things you love so dearly.


Product Details

Journals are A5 in size;

All I Love So Dearly has 159 pages (129 lined and 30 blank for photos)

They are section sewn: they will lay flat when you write in them.

They are covered in a premium linen cloth: All I Love So Dearly is a light grey colour.


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